Recently Moved House?

When you move into a new property its vital that you change the locks on your property as you can not be sure who has copies of the keys.

You are two times more likely to be burgled in the first twelve months of moving to a new home

If there is no signs of forced entry into your property the Police and Insurance Companies will not classify this as a burglary, this will jeopardise any claims through your insurance resulting in you being significantly out of pocket adding to the emotional distress experienced in your household when you have been burgled.  In 2015, 6,000 burglaries occurred where keys were used to gain entry.

Brit’s have shared 20 million spare keys with neighbours, friends, family and trades people and subsequently lost track of them.

Its very common for people to share their keys with others and at the time it may feel safe to do so but you are putting your, family, your property, your possessions and all future occupants at risk by doing so.

The list of people who may have had assess to your keys are endless, however some of the most common people who your keys may have been shared with are:

Neighbours and friends – It is very common to share keys with neighbours and friends when people are away on holiday, although they may have received the keys back, can you be 100% sure that copies were not made?  The Locksmith Doctor are able to offer you a secured key holding and property monitoring service whilst you are away.

Ex-Partners – During a breakup asking for keys back may be a natural thought, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t get them back and don’t change the locks.

Trades People – Previous occupants may have had work done on the property and given spare keys for the trades people for access.

Previous Owners / Tenants – Are you sure you know the full history of the property? Who has been a resident previously and who they may have shared keys with?

Estate & Letting Agents – The one thing that you can guarantee before moving into a new property is that either an estate agent or letting agent has had copies of the keys.  Although professional and trustworthy there is always a risk when you do not know exactly where they keys have been.

Carers – Many carers have keys to gain access to do their support jobs, have they been returned? Have they been lost?

Children – Children are more prone to loosing keys than any other household member.

These are  just some examples of  how many people may have had copies of your keys over the years and there is also a large chance that a set of keys may have been lost at some point and the locks not changed.  In 2016 keys were named as the number one commonly lost item for UK adults.

Over 12 million adults have lost their keys at least 6 times in the last 10 years and a large proportion of these haven’t changed the locks on their house.

These keys could be in anybody’s hands..  If you have any doubt about the history of your keys please get the locks changed to protect yourself, your family and your belongings.

Changing the locks of your property when you move in should be one of the first things that you do and here at the Locksmith Doctor we are pleased to offer a free security review of your property.

For less than £100, which is the average cost of changing your front and back door locks the Locksmith Doctor can ensure that your home is secure.

If you are going away and are worried about your home The Locksmith Doctor offer a secure key holding service and in addition to Locksmith services Locksmith Doctor are also offer state of the art wireless smart alarm systems for the home or office.

The Locksmith Doctor are a 5 star rated Locksmith in Peterborough.

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