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Imagine finding yourself either locked out, or locked inside your place of work or residence, or unable to gain entry to a valuable space. Equally, you may have just moved home and you’re not sure who has had your keys cut before you, or you generally want to gain an expert opinion of your security, or strengthen what you currently have.

Unique situations call for unique solutions, it is fitting to contract the services of a competent Locksmith, to avoid any possible disappointment or deterioration of the situation. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can be rest assured that you will not be left with an eye watering bill. The Locksmith Doctor’s reputation and level of service offered to each customer is much more important than making a quick sale and to never be seen again. The Locksmith doctor prides themselves on a cost effective service that is unique in customer care, ensuring that each customer feels valued and reassured knowing that they have a service they can always trust and one that has their best interest at heart.

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When exploring career options as a Locksmith, I was faced with several training providers that offered a varied version of locksmith training. I chose to complete my training with two centres, with one centre offering me a Qualification route via City & Guilds and a chance to be accepted and tested to the prestigious Corgi Grade. As I value an ethical business approach to customer care, I felt I owed it to all my customers to be trained to the highest standard of proficiency and one where I continue to strive for perfection and development, due to the nature of innovation in the security industry.

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Being a Locksmith is about representing competency and a broad spectrum of knowledge, for example, some situations would call for basic lock entry skills, known in the industry as non-distractive entry, through to breaking through locks, lock repair, lock installation, and lock re-keying and so on. Moreover, there are diverse types of locks and brands from different manufacturers that the locksmith should be conversant with. A few examples of the types of locks are, anti-snap, anti-pick, magnetic, bio-metric, combination, digital locks and high security rated locks known as ‘Star rated’ or a combination of ‘Kite Mark and Star rated’ devices.

Owing to the many different types of locks, brands and unique scenarios faced by users, it is important for a fully-fledged locksmith to have the capacity to offer a variety of services and products that ensures each customer feels protected within their own home (castle), for example we offer CCTV, Alarms, Security Lighting and a free security evaluation of customers needs. We are constantly up to date with the latest innovations and work endlessly to offer all our customers a level of service that prides itself on reputation and repeat custom.

Being a competent locksmith is about understanding the risks associated with locksmith services. We take the requisite steps to ensure that all of our customers are fully protected. We therefore ensure that we maintain full insurance to indemnify the security installations, so that the clients are assured of 24/7 security and a job that is completed with pride. Equally and more importantly we are fully vetted by a criminal record check (DBS) formally known as ‘CRB’ and (in my opinion) accessible for clients to search on a public register / platform such as an industry recognised training body, associations and national standards of higher proficiency. Therefore ‘Locksmith Doctor Ltd’ holds all these titles and covers all avenues, as well as taking extra steps to gain accreditation via a respected and most trusted consumer platform known locally as ‘Safe Local Trades’ www.safelocaltrades.com

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Being a member of Safe local Trades, gives me a sense of pride and honour to be accepted as a valued member.  The ethos of Safe Local Trades, is to unite a broad spectrum of trade professionals that are fully vetted, checked and passed the stringent prerequisite’s of providing a service that is trusted and respected and one that fights to stomp out potential ‘rouge traders’. Being united as trade professionals safeguards our local community, clients and those most vulnerable and facilitates our customers to check our feedback reviews, which in turn offers our customers peace of mind knowing that we all follow a strict ethical code of trading and performance standard.

As a competent locksmith, I am faced with a multitude of advancement in technology which is another aspect that a serious locksmith has to embrace. With the advent of sophisticated locking systems, a locksmith cannot just resign to new lock installation services, but should also be able to repair or re code them and further enhance security via other means such as security consultation of customer needs and whether the use of CCTV, Alarms etc is good value for money. Any change or adaptation to customer needs should not result in a compromise to the general security situation, but the fortification of it.

If not done properly, making master key or re-key of locks, changing or upgrading security measures and repairing or replacing faulty systems, would lead to a significant decrease in the security level of a home, business premise or any other property.  This is why contracting a locksmith whose track record is flawless, rather than choosing one simply based on their proposed price/estimate is so important.

Go on call or text me for your free quote or evaluation there is no obligation and you will be glad you chose Locksmith Doctor Ltd.