The Handyman Doctor was set-up initially because having an autistic son myself I saw first-hand the difficulties experienced with getting him into secure full-time employment. I therefore wanted to do something to help make this process easier for kids with similar conditions. Essentially, I wanted to give something back to society after successfully running my locksmith business for many years.

The Handyman Doctor will largely provide a service covering all those small DIY jobs that people struggle to get general tradesmen to do as the jobs are simply too small for them to take on or they are too busy, and the waiting time is huge. I have experienced this problem first-hand whilst visiting a lot of elderly residents as part of my locksmith business. Many of these residents are on their own and do not have family around to help with the small DIY jobs that need doing – the leaky tap, extra tiling, the odd bit of painting, the hole in the wall that needs filling, etc. These jobs are perhaps not urgent, but important to address all-the-same.

My aim is to train kids with autism and those from difficult backgrounds to use the tools required to complete these jobs, effectively filling the gap in the market for these important skills.

The Handyman Doctor seeks to provide affordability, quality, customer care, and above all else, reliability. Imagine having a trades person that arrives at an agreed time, is polite, uniformed and has your best intentions at heart… look no further than the Handyman Doctor!

If you are interested in training to gain the skills needed to work with the Handyman Doctor, or if you require the services of the Handyman Doctor, please call me on 07539 154722.